Dehydrated vegetables, fresh
vegetables, frozen fresh vegetables, and salted vegetable. 

 Cuiyuan Food



Company Culture


Leader's Speech

This company is located in the Sancang Town, Dongtai, which is China’s home of watermelon and the key town of China at the shore of Yellow Sea. It is adjacent to
the Yellow Sea in the east (6 km to the high-grade highway near the sea), 100 km from Nantong Port to the south, 15 km near the coastal highway to the west
(Shenhai Expressway), joins Dafang Port in the north by 60km, and 200 km to Lianyun Port. It is located in the center of the airport of Yancheng, Nantong and
Taizhou, and it only takes 2 hours’ drive to Shanghai. All these ensure convenient transport and shipping. Besides, our company,