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Address:Industrial Park NO.1,Sancang Town,

Dongtai Cit,Jiangsu Province
Contact: Mr. Fang
Zip code:224231
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Company Profile


Jiangsu Cuiyuan Food Co., Ltd. started in 2009 and was established in 2010. In November 2011, it was put into operation. Now it is a new large leading enterprise in northern Suzhou that engages in the processing of agricultural produce. 

The company is located in Sancang Town, Dongtai, which is China’s home of watermelon and the key town of China at the shore of Yellow Sea. It is adjacent to the Yellow Sea in the east (6 km to the high-grade highway near the sea), 100 km from Nantong Port to the south, 15 km near the coastal highway to the west (Shenhai Expressway), joins Dafang Port in the north by 60km, and 200 km to Lianyun Port. It is located in the center of the airport of Yancheng, Nantong and Taizhou, and it only takes 2 hours’ drive to Shanghai. All these ensure convenient transport and shipping. Besides, our company, with a registered capital of 10 million Yuan, covers a floor space of 36,638 square meters, including building area of 28,000 square meters. We mainly engage in the production of dehydrated vegetables, fresh vegetables, frozen fresh vegetables, and salted vegetable. We also have more than 480 employees, including 36 scientific and technical staff. Moreover, we have raw material production base of 2,500 mu as well as proprietary export right. 

The green source in oriental wetlands; top choice of green food of the century; 

We are reputed as “the capital of local wetland” and are one of the world’s two major tidal wetlands. The newly increased mud flat each year amounted to over 10,000 mu. Dongtai is the supply base for the vegetables to Shanghai, Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou. This allows our company to have advantageous condition to choose the processing material for green ecological vegetables. 


Our main products include dehydrated cabbage product, dehydrated chive product, dehydrated carrot product, dehydrated celery product, dehydrated green and red pepper product, dehydrated ginger product, dehydrated caraway product, dehydrated onion product, dehydrated radish stick, dehydrated eggplant product, dehydrated potato product, dehydrated wheat seedlings as well as preserved, quick frozen and pickled vegetable and fruit. Our products are mainly exported to Korea, Japan, Europe and the US, totaling 36 countries and regions. Meanwhile, our products have been sold to large instant noddle factories and large and medium supermarkets in China. Our products have become most excellent in storage, shipping, and are easy to use, green and nutritious. Besides, they have become the top choice of frontier defence area, island, highland and other remote areas. 


“Inheriting excellence and jointly creating the future”, Cuiyuan shall focus on customer needs all the time and stick to the principle of “green ecology as basis, survival through quality, development through innovation”, so that we may provide our customers and the public with excellent production materials and the best market price. Moreover, we shall create new brilliance for vitalizing the national industry, prospering the State through industry and commerce, enriching the people by industry and promoting the local economy and increasing income for farmers. 


Company chairman Fang Hua, general manager Fang Hui welcome business peers and customers at home and abroad to work together and achieve win-win outcome for the pioneering the great cause of dehydrated vegetable. 

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