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How to avoid heavy metal minefields in the dehydrated vegetable industry?

Excessive levels of heavy metals have always been a hot issue in food safety. In the dehydrated vegetable industry, it is also necessary to avoid minefields where heavy metals are too high. Cuiyuan believes that the selection of raw materials is a crucial aspect when dehydrating vegetables. Next, Cuiyuan will analyze how to avoid raw materials with excessive heavy metals when processing dehydrated vegetables.
1 Origin selection
The following should be noted in the choice of production area: (1) The vegetable production area should be far away from factories, hospitals, mining areas, living areas, main traffic lines, and garbage dumps; (2) Relevant pollutants detection of environmental factors such as atmosphere, water and soil in the selected areas. The value does not exceed the relevant national standards.
2 reasonable irrigation and drainage
By controlling water and regulating soil redox status, it can affect the presence of heavy metals in vegetables. Such as cd, Pb heavily polluted soil to replant aquatic, vegetables, is conducive to reducing the risk of Cd, Pb.
3 According to the difference of heavy metal enrichment among different vegetable varieties, rationally carry out the production layout of vegetables
For example, in the heavily polluted areas, it is easy to enrich the cultivation of heavy metal elemental vegetables, such as roots and vegetables, and the targeted cultivation of varieties with strong resistance to heavy metals. Screening of vegetable varieties resistant to various heavy metal pollutions, providing technical guidance for recommended varieties of vegetable farmers.
4 Countries need to develop and improve food hygiene standards for vegetables, and strengthen food safety supervision and inspection
With the improvement of people's living standards, the amount of edible vegetables per day is also increasing. However, at present, there is no systematic evaluation standard for heavy metal pollution in vegetables in China. From the perspective of food hygiene, it is necessary to consider the allowable amount of food ingested from the entire food chain. At the same time, it is necessary to consider the impact of heavy metal pollution on the growth and quality of vegetables, so as to comprehensively develop corresponding standards.
5 Promote standardized production
Accelerate the implementation of standardized production, strengthen the research and promotion of key control technologies for agricultural product quality and safety, and increase the implementation of technical standards and norms for the production of pollution-free agricultural products.
6 people need to raise environmental awareness
Strengthen food safety education, raise public awareness of environmental protection, strengthen supervision by the masses, jointly protect the natural ecological environment, and maintain human health.
How to avoid heavy metal minefields in the dehydrated vegetable industry?